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who we are

Hey, I'm Matt - I believe I'm part of a generation who ranks social conscience and artistic expression over personal financial gain. 

I head up the YOUNG+IDLE collective; a growing group of fiercely inspired and skilled artists and dreamers who share the same belief.

Through the unified endeavour of everyone involved, from customers to collaborators, we're are creating a shared sense action and empowerment.


what we do


Profits from our clothing sales go to social causes. Shop the line to help us continue to support great charities.



Check out our Instagram feed which shines a light on social issues, raises the profile of young artists and provides inspiration for creatives.



We’re all about collaborating. If you’re interested in contributing and collaborating, as a charity, artist or an inspired dreamer, contact us.


How we do it

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Our non-profit clothing line produces beautiful, unisex garments and charitable donations. 

Shop the line to help us support great charities.


art exhibitions

We proudly present Show of Hands, a continuous art project encouraging the local community to utilise art as a tool for social change through a series of exhibitions.

Check out the Show of Hands website to find out more.



Our philosophy

“So it occurred to me that since my real vote is useless... that leaves the only vote anybody’s got, this dollar bill.

...when I wanna buy a record, I’m gonna take my dollar bill and go to some corner guy with his weird, kooky little shop. I’m not giving this to Virgin Megastore... I aint gonna go to Gap no more. I wanna go to Ditsy Louie’s Junk Clothing Box.

This is my new philosophy. Use your vote, your dollar bill is your vote.”

Joe Strummer