Every piece of plastic you’ve ever used still exists.

In its 67-year existence, the plastic industry has produced enough garbage to bury an area bigger than Hackney, Islington, Tower Hamlets and the City of London combined under 2 miles of trash.

It’s estimated that Coca-Cola alone makes 100 billion plastic bottles every year (3,000+ a second) yet each one can take 450 years to break down.



Plastic is a polymetric material and thus cannot biodegrade; it simply breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. Despite this, around 50% of plastics are produced for single-use disposable applications - bottles, bags, packaging etc used once and discarded. If current trends in plastic production and waste management continue, the 4.9 billion tonnes of plastic debris currently housed in landfills and natural environments will more than double by 2050.



Studies have found that 7.7bn plastic water bottles and 2.5bn coffee cups are consumed and discarded in the capital each year. Less than a third of London’s waste is recycled, the worst recycling rate in the UK. A separate study found 75% of the flounder swimming in the Thames had ingested plastic. In Hackney alone, 4,800 tonnes of plastic is thrown away every year instead of being recycled. Only 26% of Hackney’s waste is recycled.


We're proud to donate all profits to ecoActive Education

“We will be using the donation to help cover costs of our fun education sessions with local schools and community groups. With our support, young people and residents work towards improving recycling rates, discover new ways to reuse plastic and other materials, and reduce the amount of waste they make in the first place.”

Jessica Dolan


Alice Timmis, Archie Mac (winner), Barthélemy Aupetit, Enya Lachman-Curl, Furqan Ali Shah, Lois O'Hara, Matt Withers, Peter Davies, Zoe Alleyne


Event photography by Claire Trosch