Globally nearly 1 in 200 children is a refugee.

Over the past 10 years more than 65m people have been forced from their homes due to conflict and persecution and, in 2015 alone, over 21m refugees were displaced outside of their countries of origin.

Europe now faces the challenge of migration, the scale of which hasn’t been seen since World War II with people moving for economic, social, political and environmental reasons. 


Conflicts and violence continue to be the main driver. More than half of refugees coming from just three countries: Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. Their route to Europe is largely by sea; 1,011,700 in 2015 vs 34,900 by land.

At least 4,690 migrants died in the Mediterranean in 2016 while trying to reach Europe, compared to 3,777in 2015. Many of these would have been children, with the number of child refugees more than doubling in the last decade.


If refugees were their own country it would be the world's 21st largest

The U.N. refugee agency estimates more than 1.19m people will need to be resettled next year

The economic value generated by the 1.8m migrant workers of London is roughly £83bn per year

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We're proud to donate all profits from this event to Hackney Migrant Centre

"This donation will go towards the running costs of our weekly advice drop-in which is accessed by migrants from all over London, many of whom are destitute and feeling very isolated."

Helen Hibberd
Centre Manager


Adam Mattingley-Johnson, Aljoscha Quooss, Anne Oudard (winner), Ellie F-P, Flora Bateman, Furqan Ali Shah, Joe Barrett, Natalie Harris, Sinead Mills


Event photography by Claire Trosch