Who we are

I'm Matt, a designer who wants to use talent for good, supported by a growing legion of inspired artists and dreamers who share that belief. Together, we’re challenging the modern narrative of a lazy, disconnected youth and instead are harnessing the time, hunger and freedom of the young and idle to change the world.

We’re building a collective of creatives engaging with humanitarian causes. YOUNG+IDLE is the unified endeavour of everyone involved in this collective, from customers to collaborators, who are creating a shared sense action and empowerment.

How to help

1. Generate funds

All profits from YOUNG+IDLE sales go to humanitarian causes. If you’d rather make your money go further, all the better; find who we’re supporting here and donate directly.

2. Create awareness

Our blog discusses humanitarian issues, raises the profile of young artists and provides inspiration for creatives. Read it here and spread the word.

3. Collaborate

We’re all about supporting talent. If you’re interested in contributing and collaborating, as a charity, artist or an inspired dreamer, contact us here.

Culture brings people together, governments show
us we're different. Support culture.

Chuck D

We are always open to suggestions, requests and collaborations. Please get in contact via Facebook to start a conversation.